Miguel Vieira

Miguel Vieira is a successful designer who started in 1986 and has been producing his own collections since 1988. He Participates regularly in Italian, Spanish and French fairs and his proposals, seasonally presented at Portugal Fashion and Moda Lisboa, have already been paraded on catwalks as diverse as São Paulo, Istanbul, Paris, Barcelona, Uruguay, Lodz, Madrid and Milan.


The Miguel Vieira brand is registered in numerous categories, all over the world: menswear, women’s clothing, jewellery, shoes, leather goods, furniture, glasses, children’s wear, underwear, among others.


Due to his success at home and abroad, Miguel Vieira has been awarded the Commendation of the Order of Prince Henry the Navigator (2006) and has received the Prince Henry the Navigator Award in the innovation category (2009). He also won the Golden Globe for Best Fashion Designer in 2007 and 2012.


Rua Alexandre Herculano, no. 308 
3701-911 S. João da Madeira -Portugal
Phone: +351 256 833 923
E-mail: geral@miguelvieira.pt

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