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Katty Xiomara

Katty Xiomara fills up the Portuguese Fashion Week calendar since 1998. Her professional maturity led her to conduct business with new challenges. She also has interventions in different areas such as Theater, TV/Media, Music, Dance, Graphic Art and Children's clothing, and events where she’s invited or to reinvent new ideas with her distinct and personal style.

Although in 1999 she established the brand where she participated with the Collection Winter 99/2000, on the exhibition - La Mode Portugaise Révélation - at Printemps in Paris, her brand Katty Xiomara was only registered in 2000. In that same year she designed the costumes for Dante Alighieri's "Devine Comedy" adaptation by Jean Paul Bucchieri choreography at the Centro Cutural de Belém in Lisbon.

The recognition of her work is reflected in the awards that she received along the year. The first award she won was throughout as a student in Fashion Design and got 1st place in Fashion and Technology in Florence - Italy. And her corporate image was recognized and award-winning by American magazine "HOW", with the Certificate of Excellence – “European Design Annual 4/1999” and “European Design Annual 5/2000”, as well as Honorable Mention at the world competition for the American magazine "HOW" in 2002. In June 2014 was awarded second prize (Silver) by the International Design Awards on the Pret-a-Porter category. In April 2015 was awarded: Second Prize (Silver) in Pret-a-Porter Competition for the Wireframe Project and Honorable Mention in Women PP Competition for the Wireframe Project.

Alongside her careers as a Fashion Designer, Katty Xiomara is a lecturer at Modatex in Porto, where she teach about themes like Street wear, Tribe, Urban Subculture.


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