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Fashion From Portugal - The Project

Fashion from Portugal” program set to promote the Portuguese Textile and Clothing Industry has as main goal to strengthen the external communication of this highly dynamic and exporter activity in the Portuguese economy, which became more solid, after going through an adjusting period with re-structuration and modernization. Today, this sector´s companies are technologically wise highly developed, are renowned for their knowhow, for their creativity and for their service intensity and are strongly oriented to international markets.

This new reality, along with the growing presence of T&C and fashion companies in specialized exhibitions and events across the globe, is the reason for the present communication and image promotion campaign, not forgetting the enforcement of visibility in external markets. The objective of this initiative is to reach a higher position in the value chain, which will lead to a higher acquisitive clientele segment and consequently to higher profits.

The present promotion “Fashion from Portugal” segments its intervention in 4 markets: Spain, Germany, Nordic Countries and USA and in 3 sub-sectors: fashion and brands, private label and home textiles. Both markets and sub-sectors can intersect, wherever it might make more sense and always coordinated with exhibition participation in the countries in question. This way synergies can be profited and also promote the effects of the communication reinforcement.

The initiative will be constituted by fashion editorials, advertorials and advertising in specialized media, outdoors, catalogues, style books and annual magazines, all of them dedicated to the subsectors to promote, as well as viral videos in social networks, among other events.

The program “Fashion from Portugal” launched in March 2016, will last for 2 years and will involve an investment of over 1,7 million euros. It will be co-financed by European Structural and Investment Funds (FEEI), by POCI (Internationalization Competitiveness Operational Program) on Portugal 2020 and Compete 2020. This is the first ATP´s and Industry´s incursion devoted to image promotion and external visibility of this sector, reinforcing its reputation of excellence as “made in Portugal” in fashion and home textiles, as well as in the technical know-how and technological innovation in some of the main markets.

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